A story of 2 toddlers.

I use to work and take my kids to in home daycare with a lady I really trusted. When we first went to her, my oldest was an infant. There was another baby whom the lady watched and she always had them close together. 

They both grew, and grew, and grew. They grew until they were toddlers. The parents of the other boy would drop their son of around the same time as I. One would wait til the other was out of the vehicle and they’d walk inside together. If one was sick, the other would ask for him. They became best friends. 

In life, things are constantly changing. I decided it was best to become a stay at home mom. The other boy and his family moved away to another state near by. The mom and I remained friends through social media. Sharing pictures of our sons to each other. 

We were looking for a house to rent. The other family was renting out their old house. We immediately went to view it and turn in an application. We met to sign the lease. She brought her boy, and I brought mine. The boys seen each other and was so beyond shy. They came around and started to play, talk, laugh, and share candy. 

It was time to go. They both refused to leave. I told the boy he will have to come and visit his old house and his old friend.

It was so great to see two best friends be reunited and playing together again.

I hope we can be amazing tenants and hope we can keep our boys friendship intact for many years to come! 
Childhood friends are the best friends!!


Caring humanπŸ’™

Imagine this.

A room full of toddlers. Playing with toys, having trouble sharing, laughing, and talking to each other.

A very little human pushes out the cutest sneeze ever. “Aaahhchuuuu!” 

I waited to see what these toddlers did.

They stopped what they were doing. They looked right at this tiny human who makes funny noises. Then they went right back to playing. Except not one little boy. This boy said, “God Bless You! Are you okay?” Then he proceeded to rub her back.

I smiled ear to ear. That was my 2 year old son. I was so proud of his manners! Sometimes it’s hard to know if what we teach them actually sticks. This small scenario is proof it does. Our actions, our habits, our manners are what shapes our kids. I want my child to be a caring human.β™‘

Goodnight moon.πŸŒ™

My day starts with my special alarm. A custom made alarm. His name is Gavin and he is the early bird of the family. 5:30 am on the dot since the day he was born. His face is usually lingering over mine with baby drool to help the wake process.

After chasing babies, changing diapers, cooking, cleaning, more diapers, more cleaning,…I am just exhausted. I can see bedtime is at the horizon. That’s a celebration. Like new year’s eve. I should count down with glasses of wine with each number. 

The time has come. The time where I can finally relax. Bedtime.
Do my eyes deceive me? My 2 tazmanian devils’ eyes are closed? 

I’m ready to close my eyes. I’m ready for a goodnight sleep. Then I think to myself, “Oh, wait. I forgot to post on my blog today.” Here I am writing about the sleep I wish I was doing. With my eyes half closed and my brain shutting down a little more as each word hits the screen.

So with that I say goodni….. πŸ˜΄πŸ’€

Bad Mom Award πŸ†

Yesterday, I took my boys to the store. My oldest picked out a snack for the ride home. My youngest picked out one too but it wasn’t something he could eat. So I placed it back on the shelf and was going to find him another snack.

Anyone with more than 1 kid knows how easy it is to get sidetracked. After placing back the youngest snack choice, I had to stop my oldest from grabbing more than his arms could hold and went back to my list shopping. I paid, and we went to load up our van.

I buckled both boys into their carseats. My oldest asked for his snack. I got it out of the bag and opened it. My youngest seen it and had this sad look take over his face.

This was the moment I realized, I forgot to buy him a snack! 

I contemplated, do I finish loading the groceries into the van, unbuckle the boys, and run inside for a small snack? Do I stop and get him a something from a drive through? I needed to get home to get dinner cooked so I can make it to dance practice on time. Could they share? It was snacks on a stick with no way to cut in half without it all falling apart. My baby is 1 years old. I can give him a toy in hopes it’d help keep him occupied. So, that’s what I did.

Our 15 minute drive home was just the most depressing drive ever. I kept yelling at myself for forgetting as I looked in the review mirror to see his chubby hand reaching in air for his brother’s snack as he wimpered. 

Somewhere along the way I decided I will just stop and get him something. By then, there was no place to stop. So I continued on my way.

My oldest boy finally looked over to stop to see his brother missing out on snacks. He said, “Mama, I don’t want this. And he gave the remaining snack to his younger brother.” I was touched by how caring he was to share his single snack with his brother.

Not only did I feel guilt but I had a realization. My 1 year old will be 2 in 4 months. I treat him like he is 6 months old. I need to learn he isn’t the little baby I still think he is. He wants to pick things out on his own. He wants to be like his older brother. He isn’t easily distracted anymore. 

If there was awards for parenting. I’d get the bad mom award. πŸ˜”

Blogger behind the blog

Who am I? That’s a good question. I never really sat down to answer that.
First, I am a folklorico ballet dancer/ teacher assistant. I have been dancing for 17 years. I started because my grandmother use to be a dancer and wanted one of her grandchildren to carry it on. That grandchild was me. It became my own passion and the activity to keep me on the right path in life.
Secondly, I’m a photographer. It has become a hobby rather than a profession. I love being able to capture a moment in life and have it stand still in time in one click of the shutter button. 
Third, I am a loving spouse. I love my soon to be husband. I try to make his days easier and full of love. He reciprocate that back with great measures.
Fourth, we are naturalists. We love outdoors and love what nature provides us. We use natural products, remedies, organic food, and more! Being of Hispanic descent, we were raised with many of these remedies. I just love sharing and helping others in this area. My dream is to own a natural store. One day!!
Last, but most importantly. I am a boy mom. I have two sons ages 2 and 1. I am beyond thankful to be their mom. I love watching them grow and flourish. I practice montessori and waldorf teachings with them. We hope to continue to homeschool but we never know the future. These 2 boys are so ambitious, head strong, and adventurous already. They have pushed me to grow as a person already. They have molded me into a person I never knew I could be. I am not done molding.
Many people have asked me to start a blog. I finally listened. I will be posting about natural living, my sons, my hubby, photography, and products suggestions I have personally tried.
Please comment and tell me about yourself and blogs to follow!!