A story of 2 toddlers.

I use to work and take my kids to in home daycare with a lady I really trusted. When we first went to her, my oldest was an infant. There was another baby whom the lady watched and she always had them close together. 

They both grew, and grew, and grew. They grew until they were toddlers. The parents of the other boy would drop their son of around the same time as I. One would wait til the other was out of the vehicle and they’d walk inside together. If one was sick, the other would ask for him. They became best friends. 

In life, things are constantly changing. I decided it was best to become a stay at home mom. The other boy and his family moved away to another state near by. The mom and I remained friends through social media. Sharing pictures of our sons to each other. 

We were looking for a house to rent. The other family was renting out their old house. We immediately went to view it and turn in an application. We met to sign the lease. She brought her boy, and I brought mine. The boys seen each other and was so beyond shy. They came around and started to play, talk, laugh, and share candy. 

It was time to go. They both refused to leave. I told the boy he will have to come and visit his old house and his old friend.

It was so great to see two best friends be reunited and playing together again.

I hope we can be amazing tenants and hope we can keep our boys friendship intact for many years to come! 
Childhood friends are the best friends!!