Blogger behind the blog

Who am I? That’s a good question. I never really sat down to answer that.
First, I am a folklorico ballet dancer/ teacher assistant. I have been dancing for 17 years. I started because my grandmother use to be a dancer and wanted one of her grandchildren to carry it on. That grandchild was me. It became my own passion and the activity to keep me on the right path in life.
Secondly, I’m a photographer. It has become a hobby rather than a profession. I love being able to capture a moment in life and have it stand still in time in one click of the shutter button. 
Third, I am a loving spouse. I love my soon to be husband. I try to make his days easier and full of love. He reciprocate that back with great measures.
Fourth, we are naturalists. We love outdoors and love what nature provides us. We use natural products, remedies, organic food, and more! Being of Hispanic descent, we were raised with many of these remedies. I just love sharing and helping others in this area. My dream is to own a natural store. One day!!
Last, but most importantly. I am a boy mom. I have two sons ages 2 and 1. I am beyond thankful to be their mom. I love watching them grow and flourish. I practice montessori and waldorf teachings with them. We hope to continue to homeschool but we never know the future. These 2 boys are so ambitious, head strong, and adventurous already. They have pushed me to grow as a person already. They have molded me into a person I never knew I could be. I am not done molding.
Many people have asked me to start a blog. I finally listened. I will be posting about natural living, my sons, my hubby, photography, and products suggestions I have personally tried.
Please comment and tell me about yourself and blogs to follow!!